Thursday 1 October 2009

Lemi Ghariokwu is on something...

And whatever it is, I want some of it!
So i was at this book reading on tuesday and no sooner than I got there and managed to score some kiss space on Jeremy Weate's cheek, and scooter into one of the chairs, had the event begun.
It was about Doreen and Toni' s book, or actually it was more about the topic of Eros and Desire in African writing, a matter which i'm very invested in since, i'm working on a book that pretty much sits on that.
(Spoiler alert...... my manuscript is on a modern say succubus.)
I do have to appreciate the fact that this topic is timely, and not only because i'm suffering from an over-kill of the mascot-writing that African writers do nowadays that makes them so self-conscious. all art must mean something and be for a purpose, but enough already with pre and post colonial issues, wars, child soilders, immigration stories and the like.
In the middle of all these, we, Africans are still living lives, that even though, they may be colored by these experiences, these experiences do not have to be the excuse or reason to pick up the pen, or tap on the keyboard.
I want to hear someone tell a story, simple.
And so did the pair of Toni Kan, and Doreen Baigana, in their books Nights of the Creaking Bed, ad Tropical Fish respectively
Had they, in my book, earned their place to moderate this discussion...hell yes.
So, where was i? okay, late and looking for a seat, which i found next to a rather slight, rather attractive man in brown ankara, who actually practically pulled the chair out for me.
And about thirty minutes later, out of the blues (in the middle of one of the readings) it suddeny hit me why the man was rather familiar, this was Mr Lemi Gharioukwu!
The reading was nearly spoilt for me, because now I couldn't concentrate.
I ran huge colorful Fela murals through my head, and started humming the tune to "Omolakeji" (who remembers this tune when Lemi went to the music studio?), and I started to wonder that if the man looks like he is his thirties now.... my age), how could he have been alive for me to have remembered what he did when I was a mere wee baby?
It was clear, there was only one thing for it. the man must be on some secret potion to keep looking this way, and since im still doing the research on the myth of ever lasting youth, I was going to reach over and ask him to 'fess up.
.........................................., ....................................
That space represents me hesitating on whether to, if to, and how to ask someone famous if he practices juju to maintain his youthful looks. any of you think you know better than me how to do it, feel free to add your ITK comments here.
Of course I didnt ask him, but I'm following his progress (closer) from now on. Just in case he slips up one day and lets his juju bag of goat bones, shea butter, cowrie shells, pigeon fat, etc. fall down and the contents scatter to the ground...i'm so blogging about it.!


'deolu said...

Came here via Jeremy's blog...Now I see why you come 'highly' recommended.
With regards to Lemi's secret of looking young, I await the account of your chance peep into his bag.
Is he the same one who sang
"Wo mi o, Omolakeji re ni mo je"?

Temitayo said...

Nice one...very true that we live despite all that's happening around us...I so like this simple and chatty way you write. When will the novel be out?

Wole's Girl said...

Olu, welcome
Yes, that's the one.
Its was catchy and loved the beat back then.....
Do you remember who dropped the rap verse on it? having a hard time remembering that.
Temitayo, glad to have you.
my muse, who is an absolute DIVA likes to work at her own pace, and would very frankly rather drink margaritas than show me love. But we have since had a pact, one drink minimum per night, then she better get over here and show me love...
so far, knock on wood, it seems to be does early next year sound for you?

Anonymous said...

It was a song by Danny Wilson featuring Lemi . I think Lemi helped with the Yoruba words in the song. If I remember well, Danny did the Raga Rap

Wole's Girl said...

Thanks Anonymous!
and welcome.
Now the picture is very clear, I remember Danny dropping that beat in his rugged ragga voice just like it was yesterday.....
This brain of mine is growing tired.....

upfromsumdirt said...

yall have me chasing lemi all over the internets to read up on him... i've always been a fan of pedro bell's artwork for funkadelic & emory douglas' work for the black panthers and have always loved the artwork on fela's albums and on tony allen's 'no accommodation for lagos' album - classic art that continues to inspire and to please...

(and yeah, lemi's gris-gris is good for him to still look so young! i want some!)

and love your writing!
true lit is a dying artform...

stay creative!